Gemensamt uttalande med The Crown Heights Tenant Union NY

Tillsammans med en lokal hyresgäströrelse i Brooklyn, NY skickar Hyresgästföreningen (nedan The Swedish Union of Tenants) en uppmaning till det Stockholmsbaserade fastighetsbolaget Akelius.

The Swedish national tenant’s union, Hyresgästföreningen, calls for an end to a corporate landlord’s abuse of Brooklyn residents.

The Swedish Union of Tenants, with 530 000 members, have joined forces with Brooklyn’s own Crown Heights Tenant Union in a call to hold Stockholm-based Akelius Real Estate Management to account for its attacks, and to win real justice for tenants.

Swedish Union of Tenants has received information, via tenant organisations in cities such as New York, Toronto, and Berlin that Akelius has subjected tenants to a systematic campaign of harassment and working-class displacement: evict the vulnerable; deny services to long-term tenants; maximize disruptive construction work; shutter elevators and disable building services (ostensibly for repairs, though no work goes on for long periods of time); bombard tenants with phone calls and mysterious fees, letters and legal notices.  In some buildings, tenants experience all of these tactics; in others, Akelius only hints at the lengths it is willing to go to maximize corporate profit.

These practices serve a single purpose: to push tenants out of Akelius’ buildings. Akelius’ business model appears to be premised on the elimination of long-term tenants en masse, gut-renovation of vacated units, and rent increases of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The Swedish Union of Tenants rejects this cycle of displacement and overcharge—and we reject the system of profit from housing in which these practices are rooted. 

In New York, at several addresses in Brooklyn, e.g. 805 St. Marks Avenue,1153-1159 President and 1500 Carroll,the fighting tenants of the Crown Heights Tenant Union have seen enough. In these buildings, Akelius has targeted vulnerable tenants and tenants whose rent is paid by New York State-funded programs for eviction. Elderly tenants go weeks without functional elevators.

The tenant unions of Crown Heights and the Swedish Union of Tenants call for governmental scrutiny of Akelius’ behaviour. We call on Akelius to immediately enter into binding collective bargaining on tenant union demands in Brooklyn.

Stop gentrification of our neighbourhoods!

Housing is a human right!

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