Hyresgäst­föreningen have come to an agreement with your landlord about what will happen with your rent for the rest of 2023. The tenants’ protests and conversations between Hyresgäst­föreningen and the property owners have now led to that your landlord is backing out from the claim about an extra rent increase during 2023.

Note, the rental negotiations for 2024 have not begun yet. The information mentioned here only applies to the extra rental increase for 2023.

– The tenants have pulled a heavy load the past six months – we can’t go back and undo it completely but through this agreement we hope to be able to create some peace and security for the tenants. We want to thank everyone who has dared to stand against the landlords’ threats and those who have made an effort to spread information and support to their neighbors, says Håkan Björkenklev, regional chairman in Hyresgäst­föreningen södra Skåne. 
If you have paid the new, non-negotiated rent, the following applies: 
• You who paid the non-negotiated rent increase of 1.75%, from 1st of July or at later date, will receive a rent increase that is 1.75% lower than the 
upcoming agreed general rent increase for 2024. This way all tenants will have received the same adjustment in relation to the last negotiated rent. The double increase that was set on 1st of July 2023, will therefore not apply as a basis for the rent in the coming year. 
• The tenants whom it may concern, who have accepted and paid the companies’ proposal for the new rent will during 2024 be compensated by the landlords with financial compensation which matches the difference between the paid rent and the latest negotiated and agreed rent for the time between 1st of July 2023 until it is time for the general agreement of 2024. 
• How the compensation will take place varies between the landlords, but the compensation will only take place when the new rent is negotiated for 2024. Your landlord will provide more information on this.  
•You shall continue to pay the rental amount for the new, unnegotiated rent every month until the new, negotiated rent will be notified for 2024. That is when the new amount will be valid.  
If you have paid the old, negotiated rent, the following applies: 
• You will not receive a new rent increase until the 2024 rents are negotiated and done. Exceptions are made for standard improvement measures and utility assessments during this time period. 
• Your landlord must also stop pressuring you to pay the new, un-negotiated rent. 
• The next rental agreement should the old, negotiated amount on it. 
• Any debt collection claims sent because you paid the old, negotiated rent will be revoked. 
• You will not be called to the rental board when your landlord refuses to apply for determining a new rent to the rental board. 
• You shall continue to pay the rental amount for the old negotiated rent every month until the new, negotiated rent is announced for 2024. Then it is instead the new amount that applies.